Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Grim Gallery - Now in it's 12th Year

My companion blog, The Grim Gallery, is now in it's twelfth year of daily monster imagery from movies, art, comic books, books, magazines, mythology and elsewhere. If you like the monstrous, check it out. There are now over 4000 images to pour through.

Friday, May 06, 2022

Preview for The Abyss #1

Newsarama has an article up covering the launch of The Abyss #1 including a five page preview to give you a taste of what's inside. You can read the article, and the preview here. The Abyss #1 will be available at Interpop Comics on May 25th.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

The Abyss - Updates

The latest round of voting has ended, and the readers have determined that the member of the Abyss's old team, the Genesis Squadron, he will reunite with will be Moxie. Moxie appeared briefly in the fourth 8-page The Abyss story, "The Assassin" which appeared in Emergents Presents #7 (which you can read here), and will now be appearing in issue #3 of the regular ongoing The Abyss series, an issue I am currently writing. If you's like to learn more about The Abyss, you can read this interview with me. You can also read the four 8-page stories here.