Friday, March 30, 2007

Superman's Girl Friend - part 1

"Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane" ranks right up there with Jimmy Olsen on my all time favorites list. It had just as many wacky premises and covers as "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen" did. Unfortunately, I have only a handful of my Lois Lane comics on hand, with the majority being in storage 800 miles away, making it a bit difficult to retrieve at the moment. Sadly the issues I do have on hand have pretty mundane covers compared to what I've been posting on Jimmy's behalf.

Here's 2 to start with.

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Robert Pope said...

Okay, NOW we're getting somewhere-I have a stack of these things, and my man, the late great Bob Oskner is all over 'em! Those were the days; I guy could draw funny animals for years and years, and then switch over to mainstream Super characters without missing a beat. Actually, Bob worked on most of the later, early 70's Lois issues, when she's trying to be Mary Richards but still needs Supes to save her about ever five seconds...