Thursday, March 29, 2007

Superman's Pal - part 3

This is why Jimmy could never have his own monthly series now. The current Jimmy Olsen doesn't have any romantic entanglements and the biggest calamities that he ever seems to face is being yelled at by either Perry White or Lois Lane, and having his camera smashed.

You call those problems? Look at these troubles.

Not only does Jimmy have to suffer through all manner of physical transformation, but an insensitive Superman as well. Some pal!

My favorite is that for dramatic tension on the cover of issue #65, do we have a life in jeapordy? A secret revealed? No! One of Jimmy's quills has accidentally knocked off Lucy Lane's hat. No wonder people bought this issue.

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arttherapyqueen said...

I just don't get this Jimmy Olsen stuff...the guys a dweeb, or as a child we know would say, a DORK. You cominc nerds need to get a life, like a job at a book store! And pay more attention to your wives!