Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Day of Mysteries, Monsters and Excitement!

Cryptozoologists rejoice! Today's your day if you visit a comic book store near you.

I have stories out today in two comic books, both of which deal with cryptids.

First up, in CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #36, "The Secret Saturdays" lose a member of their family when V.V. Argost kidnaps Komodo and takes him into the heart of his lair. This story is illustrated by Will Sweeney. In a companion piece to this story, "The Secret Saturdays" creator, Jay Stephens provides the artwork for the cryptipedia entries on the various craetures seen in the main story.

Over in SCOOBY-DOO #143, Velma provides an entertaining look at a sea monster lurking outside of Vancouver; the cadborosaurus. The artwork here is provided by Karen Matchette and Mike DeCarlo.


sexy said...
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Agent Spectre said...

This was my favorite Saturdays story so far, which is saying a lot because there hasn't been one I haven't adored. Thank you so much.
A Komodo centered plot, with Argost... and a Beeman cameo? I think you wrote this one specifically for me. lol.
For an 8 page story the pacing is exceedingly wonderful, and to cram all of my favorite stuff in just seems like an accomplishment worthy of a long and probably stupid sounding comment on your blog.

I hope you don't mind if I copy your text for the Cryptipedia entries for use in our database over at :P

John Rozum said...

Thank you, Agent Spectre.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

The biggest challenge so far has been trying to cram all of the cool characters, settings, villains, new cryptids and ANY action into 8 pages. One of the next stories has been broken into two parts (in the same issue) so that we had more room to breathe and I think the results were worth the extra length.

We'll probably try doing a mix of 8-page stories that focus on one character interspersed with longer stories featuring everyone.

There will also be a second story focusing on Komodo. As you now know, Argost has plans for him.

I don't have a problem with your using the cryptipedia text, but you might want to get an okay from DC Comics first. I don't know who you'd ask, but if you call/or email them, ask for someone in legal.

Agent Spectre said...

No prob, I'm seriously impressed how much all of you are putting into this series. If I may quote myself from my own forum...
"8 page stories are normally horrendous for a number of reasons (especially with an action property), but the writers for the Sat's ones have been on the ball, I haven't felt bored or cheated by one yet." I meant every word.
I subscribe to the book, but I'm always at my comic retailer the first day when Saturday's issues come out because I can't wait for them. I wouldn't want anyone else but you and the others who have already been a part, writing for these. To say you "get" the series is an understatement, and it's more than appreciated here. I find it hard not to express my thanks.

I'm so glad to hear there will be some longer ones. They really deserve their own book, but I know how that goes.
Definitely will be looking forward to the continuation of the Komodo plot.

By the way are you the main writer for the Saturdays stories now?

And thanks, legal can be a beast sometimes, but I would love to get permission instead of trying to rely only on fair use. I'm deeply respectful of all forms of art, so I can get a bit paranoid about even text and copy. Hey, writing is hard work. Respect for the creator/artist/writer and/or copyright holder is what this phantom is all about. ;D

John Rozum said...

Jay and Brandon had always planned to write the introductory issues, then I was hand picked by them to take over after that. I don't know if there are any stories coming up by anyone else, but I've got at least four more to do ahead of me before I have to start worrying about the next batch.

Because they are published every other month, I've been careful to avoid anything that has to do with the show's continuity (which is why Kur was only mentioned in the stories which came out as the first episodes aired) and why you haven't seen Doyle in the comics yet. The down side is that the four stories I haven't written yet won't be published until well into season two.

I was picked to write this because I did "get" the series. As I said to Jay, it's the closest thing I've ever had to writing something I made up myself without actually having made it up myself.

It may be worth your while to take a peek at Scooby-Doo once in a while. The cover price is a bit steep for what are generally 1-4 page "stories," but the "Velma's Monsters of the World" series I've been running there have been a fun feature I've been doing to introduce kids to all manner of monsters both mythological and cryptozooligical. It's sort of like "In Search Of..." only with Velma instead of Leonard Nimoy, and it often ends with some sort of gag.