Thursday, April 30, 2009

Runny nose, could it be...?

I've been sniffling non-stop since I woke up. I'm sure it's just my allergies, but with all the sensationalistic reports about swine flu, you never can tell. Let me just take a look in the mirror here...OH MY GOD, I...I...I've grown a beard!

Actually, I shouldn't belittle an influenza epidemic. There's already a decent body count in Mexico, and if people start dropping here in the U.S., I'll probably be one of them.

The image is by one of my favorite artists, Daniel Lee

I've still been too busy, and too lazy when not working, do put together any of the posts I've been meaning to, so go take a look at his work in lieu of mine.

In the meantime, hold on, it looks like there's a couple of kids dancing around and squealing with laughter on my front lawn.

"Hey, you girls! Go play somewhere else. I'm trying to work in here!"


Pierre Fournier said...

I suggest wrapping yourself in aluminum foil and waiting this out. Works for me.

Nick Bongiorno said...

John, stop whining. I'm forced to walk by Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Queens (where literaly hundreds of kids were sent home last week w/swine flu-type symptons) EVERY DAY.