Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Self Portrait - 3rd Grade

No that's not Ernie from "Sesame Street" with his hair combed for class picture day. That's me!

To follow my earlier post here's a self-portrait I did a few years later. If memory serves me in this case, it was done in third grade. The early 70s plaid pants and orange shirt bothe serve as all the anthropological evidence I need. Of course, I have another clue which comes in later.

For those concerned about my well being, I am not really a club-footed hunchback with no eyebrows. Neither do I have one massive orange and pink nipple and one green nipple. They are both green.

The reason I'm sure this is from third grade is I distinctly remember Mike Simpson, really pissing me off by drawing those nipples on there and ruining this fine piece of art. The orange blob over my pink nipple was actually a failed attempt on my part to cover up the unwelcome additions.


Diane said...

hey! i think i had that outfit! my mom dressed me in whatever fit - who cared if it was boyish! or ugly!

never mind the nipples, have your eyes evened themselves out by now?

Stephen said...

Damn you, Mike Simpson!

John Rozum said...

Of course, early 70s fashion, unsightly as it may have been, was nothing compared to when the polyester disco era began a few years later.

And, as for my eyes, Diane, this may have been what led to my needing glasses years later. They do seem to have settled into their appropriate positions though.

I don't know if any future self portraits exist from my early years. I'll have to wait for my mother's next batch of purging the contents of her back hall closet to find out. If they do, you can be sure I'll post them here.

Todd Franklin said...

Fun post, John! Also, dig your new banner.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Ha Ha Ha! This made me laugh. And a fine piece of art it is too! And to think that you still remember that kid's name after all these years. It only takes one hurtful thing to get yourself remembered bitterly for the rest of your life. I remember a few of my own nemeses with the same fondness! :o)