Monday, May 17, 2010

30 Years of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - part 17

The Bounty Hunters - part 6

BOBA FETT (continued): The final design of Boba Fett came through the combined efforts of Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston. McQuarrie came up with the overall look, while Johnston came up with the helmet design and costume details, many of which he constructed for the costume itself.

The helmet seemed to be what took the most tries to nail down. McQuarrie tried a number of different looks ranging from a samurai influenced helmet, an approach that worked to great effect with Darth Vader, to some insect looking helmets.

Then he arrived at this which was getting closer, but not quite there.

Then Johnston arrived at the following basic shape.

From here, the helmet went through the process of trying out a number of different markings. 

This is the helmet design that initially became the chosen version with two eye marks on the forehead giving the black "T" a mouth, or beak-like look. 

Initially, what was to become the familiar armor of Bob Fett was actually designed as a costume to be worn by a squad of supercommandos. These troops came from the Mandalore system and had weapons integrated into their suits.

With this in mind, the armor was initially modeled along the same lines as the Imperial stormtroopers with white armor fitted over a black body suit. 

When the armor was designated for Boba Fett, it was individualized with color paint, aging effects and damage as well as added elements such as the braided wookie scalps.

Before the addition of color was decided upon, preproduction paintings showing Boba Fett in Cloud City still had him in the white armor, and a prototype costume, also white, was actually manufactured. More on that costume, and others tomorrow. 


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