Wednesday, May 05, 2010

30 Years of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - part 5

When the first STAR WARS movie came out in May of 1977 it's tremendous success took everyone by complete surprise. Fans of the movie wanted to take a bit of the movie home in the form of tie-in products, but were out of luck since no one really had the foresight to license any. It wouldn't be until early 1978 for the licensed products to start trickling in.

The mistake was not repeated when THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK made it's debut. Licensed products were ready and available before the movie even reached theaters. You can see some of the variety below. These pages were scanned from a catalogue from TKRP: The Best in the Galaxy, a mail order company based out of Michigan. I couldn't tell you what the TKRP stood for. I was on their mailing list for some time, so I must have bought something from them.




More to come tomorrow.


Robert Pope said...

that is super-cool.

Anonymous said...

I bought stuff from TKRP for years and still have that catalog. I believe the "TK" stood for "Tom Kennedy". His name is probably in the catalog somewhere.

Montreal, Canada