Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1 - Mask of the Day

As a public service this year,  I'm going to help all of you readers with some costume assistance. For those of you who can't decide on a costume, who don't want to spend money on a costume, or don't think you'll need a costume but might be invited to a costume party at the last minute and be completely unprepared, do not fear. Every day for the entire month I will provide you with a different mask which you can print off and wear. You may need to resize them. You'll also need scissors, and probably some string or a rubber band. For best results print them on heavy cardstock.

I have no idea where most of these masks originally came from. They are simply one of the many varieties of digital images I've amassed over the years. If you created one of these masks and would like the credit, or for me to remove the image, or provide a link to your site where the mask can be purchased (should that be the case) please let me know and I will make the appropriate changes.

For everyone else, please use as needed and if anyone actually does print and wear these, please send me a photo and I'll post them towards the end of the month.


Michael Jones said...

This is uber-awesome, my friend. One question though, you and Shawn Robere are different people right? Because you both seem to be doing a mask theme. Coincidence or co-conspirators?

John Rozum said...

Coincidence. Lucky coincidence. Thankfully we are two different people, or none of the coordinating of the Countdown would get done. Well, maybe it would, but not if it was just me.

Dane said...

What a cool idea. And this particular mask is full of vintage charm.