Sunday, October 02, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 2

Continuing with this year's daily print and cut-out paper masks is some more paper craft. I decided to post this at the beginning of the countdown since these projects will take some time to make and will make your Halloween decor look all the better when incorporated into it.

A couple of Halloween countdowns ago, I posted a link to the incredible Haunted Dimensions paper models of Ray Keim.  Ray has created paper models which you can build yourself of the various Haunted Mansions found at the Disney theme parks as well as accessories to help bring them to life.

Now you can download and assemble his paper model for the Psycho house, the home of Norman Bates and his domineering mother. You can see it fully constructed on the cover of Mad Monster magazine #1 above.

For those of you looking to expand your Haunted Mansion paper models, Ray has also added the "Good Old Fred" headstone to his paper model kits.

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