Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun With Scissors - part 37

Often, and understandably, mistaken for Wile E. Coyote, this is actually Ralph Wolf. The way to tell them apart is the nose. Ralph's is red. the Coyote's; black.

I really enjoyed doing this one. I love the design of the sheep in these cartoons.


SACKS said...

Hello John. This one is looks great! I have this bizarre library of classic cartoons stored in my head, and I can allways pull from my mental database. I do remember the two different coyote's. This one used to punch a time card befoer getting into his stereotypical character. I really enjoyed your website as well. Your art reminds me of one of my favorite Children's book illustrators, Ezra Jack Keats. I would especially love to see more of your background renderings similar to the bookstore image.

John Rozum said...

Thanks, Saxton. Ezra Jack Keats is one of my favorite illustrators as well, and no doubt had an influencing hand (as did Mary Blair and the Provensons).
I haven't done a lot of detailed background, or landscape images, simply because they take so much time to do. The bookstore image was about 8-10 hours of cutting and gluing.

I'm doing more images for the same store's website, which are going to be more simple and graphic, but are turning out to be pretty fun to do, as they're allowing me to discover new approaches and styles to play with. Once I finish this big, time consuming writing project I'm involved with, I'll get back to those, and let you know when they're posted.

Trevour said...

You know what, until a few years ago I always believed Ralph Wolf WAS Wile E. Coyote, just in a different role. They're literally identical. As a kid, why WOULD you believe they're two different characters? Oh Chuck Jones, you.

All that aside, I really enjoyed this one - great expression captured in Ralph's eyes.