Monday, May 01, 2006

Fun With Scissors - part 91

One of the earliest requests made during this project, was for renditions of "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan." Amazingly, Alan Chan here, is the first. It just serves as a reminder that even at nearly a hundred posts, there are so many untapped characters for me to choose from.

My apologies for the blinding colors in Alan's groovy fashions.


Ted Hobgood said...

Alan is a product of his times; he can't help it if JCPenney offers such garish colours.

I love it, John. The stripes in the bellbottoms are faboo. Another masterpiece. (Only ten more to go! Ow!)

Phill Weber said...

I like how his glasses give his expression a skewed look. With those clothes he could have played drums for the Jimi Hendrix Experience.