Saturday, June 24, 2006

Marvel Superhero Ads

Here are some representative samples of some of the earliest comic book work I've done. This is a random assortment of fake ads that I wrote (and did layouts for) for issues of "Marvel Year In Review" and "Marvel Swimsuit Special" in the very early 90s.

Believe it, or not, because of these ads I was offered a job with a pretty prestigious advertising firm in NYC. I didn't take it.

For the record, I'm not responsible for the mispelling of deodorant.


Cedricstudio said...

What a fun (and clever) concept. Nicely done!

Phillip said...

Was that the book that was a parody of "Time" and had She-Hulk as woman of the year? I loved that!

John Rozum said...

Those were in fact those very "Time" and "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue parodies. They were actually a lot of fun to work on, and there was a lot of talent involved in those.