Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lane Smith

A few days ago I received a nice email from Lane Smith complimenting the collage work seen in the art section of my website, particularly the Karloff pieces. This was a thrill for me since Lane is one of a small handful of children's book illustrators that I revere the most. I can honestly say I have all of his books, (and even have most of them signed) and always look forward to what's next.

Lane is probably best known outside the children's book arena as the character designer for the Henry Selick movie adaptation of "James and the Giant Peach." If you're not familiar with his illustrative work, I encourage you to pick up one of his books right away.


Kirk D. said...

Coincidentally, I corresponded with a favorite children's book illustrator this week too.
One of my most beloved books when I was a kid was called "What the Wind Told." I googled the illustrator Emanuel Schongut and found his web page. I fired off some fan e-mail and was shocked to see a reply a couple hours later. It sure was great to connect like that. Boy, I like this internet thing.

John Rozum said...

I'm constantly amazed at the circle of people I'm in contact with online. I wish that this sort of method of contacting people was available when I was in high school, or even college. There are so many people who's insight and feedback would have been even more valuable to me in those early developmental years.