Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun With Scissors - part 109

The last time I posted an entry in the "Fun With Scissors" category was back in October. Then my scanner kicked the bucket, I got busy, etc., and that was the end of it...until now.

For anyone coming here for the first time, this category was originally created as a quick collaging exercise meant as a brief diversion from an involved project I was involved in about a year ago. For this exercise I chose to depict various classic cartoon characters in collage form. I chose them in part for my fondness of them, but also because I could render one in about an hour. I initially was doing this at the rate of one a day, but the schedule was too diifficult to maintain, so I took a break then scaled back my schedule to once per week, until scanner trouble ensued.

I actually managed to do a few others I'd intended to post during my month long Halloween posts, but have decided to save them for next October. In the meantime here's the annoying shark, Jabberjaw.

I'm going to do my best to maintain a weekly schedule from here on in, but expect there will be periodic gaps.


Trevour said...

Great to see you starting this up again. I'm looking forward to 'em all!

Ylndgomez said...