Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31 - Spooky Bonus 2

If you scroll back a couple of posts to today's "Spooky Bonus 1" you'll read about how my family made a visit to my daughter's 3rd grade teacher's house. Here are some pictures of the yard haunt her husband put together called "Brandywine Cemetery." As you can see, my camera doesn't deal too well with low light conditions, and there was enough smoke in the air that using a flash only resulted in pictures of the flash reflected off the smoke.

The top picture is the street sign near their house.

The green light was a really cool vortex that appeared in the air just beyond the entrance gate to the cemetery. It looked much more impressive in real life than inthis picure.

There was a great, huge crank ghost that descended and ascended from the roof on one corner of the house.

These next couple of shots were of some of the custom gargoyles that dressed the cemetery gate walls.

Finally, the car of the creator of this fabulous walk through yard haunt.

For better pictures and the evolution of this yard haunt over the years, check out the Brandywine Cemetery website

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Steven Altis said...

I want to live in your neighborhood! Keep an eye out for "For Sale" signs, woulda?

Can't wait to see some pics of your house... hope the wind's a bit calmer than it was last year!

Happy Halloween!