Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Alter Ego

As anyone coming to this website/blog knows, I write comic books. What isn't as generally well known, is that I also appear in them. Beginning in 1989, Marvel Comics published "Damage Control" a 4-issue series created by Dwayne McDuffie, and drawn by Ernie Colon. This series told the comedic exploits of the company whose function was to clean-up and rebuild the damage caused by superheroes, supervillains and related phenomena. Among the cast was John "Bart" Rozum, the slovenly intern, who while being a bit fannish around superheroes was also pretty nonplussed by them. He was not afraid to demand that supervillain Doctor Doom show him I.D. when paying by check, or telling the Punisher to take a number.

Bart ended up permanently on staff and besides the superhero action, found some action with hot receptionist Anne.

"Damage Control" returned as a second 4-issue series about six months after the first series finished, and then for a third 4-issue run in 1991. Now, nearly twenty-years after it's debut in "Marvel Comics Presents" (and after some guest appearances in recent issues of "She-Hulk") "Damage Control" (the official title is "World War Hulk: Aftersmash - Damage Control" returns as a 3-issue mini-series written by Dwayne McDuffie and drawn by Salva Espin. I'm happy to see I'm still employed there, still apparently involved with Anne, and unlike the real me, haven't aged a bit in all that time.

Here are some of Bart's moments through the years. From top to bottom...

Bart let's new intern Robby Baldwin know he's onto his superhero secret identity (which comes into play in the new series) as drawn by Kyle Baker in "Damage Control" volume 3, issue #1.

Asking Dr. Doom for some I.D. in volume 1, issue #2.

Telling the Silver Surfer to put the pedal to the metal in volume 3, issue #4.

The moment that made a man out of Bart from volume 2, issue #1.

Bart and Anne in action at the premiere of the Damage Control movie in volume 3, issue #3.

Bart and Anne make their new debuts in the new series.


Stephen said...

Wow, John, I didn't know you were practically famous. Not everyone gets to interview Dr. Doom!

Robert Pope said...

As if you weren't my hero BEFORE-makin' Vic get out his wallet!

Todd Franklin said...

...and not everyone gets to take a ride with the Silver Surfer!

Funny, almost 20 years ago I read about "Bart" in the comic and now almost 20 years later I read all of his posts on his blog!