Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disney World - part 2

The aspect of Disney World, and the Magic Kingdom in particular, that really resonates with me is the attention to detail from the authentic props that decorate the attractions themselves (and even the giftshops), to architectural detail, and especially the signage. The faux businesses that make up the second stories of the stores lining Main Street are fun tributes to key Disney personel of the past. Unfortunately I never found the opportunity to photograph these as I always managed to hit Main Street at its most crowded, either at the park's opening, closing, or during one of the numerous parades throughout the day.

I did manage to take pictures of numerous other signs and details. many of my favorites are shown here, in particular these first two posters from Tomorrowland. If only they offered prints of these for sale.

From top to bottom:

Posters for the Antique Rockets Show and the Space Collectibles Convention from Tomorrowland

The sign showing the way to the least travelled path in the Magic Kingdom, the back route leading from Mickey's Toontown to Tomorrowland.

The restroom signs from Tomorrowland.

The plaque on the side of the trashcan outside the Diamond Horseshoe on the border between Frontierland and Liberty Square.

One of the trashcans at the Polynesian resort.

Sign outside Old Scratch's Mystery Mine on Tom Sawyer Island

Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio demonstrate fire safety on the back of the hotel room doors at the Wilderness Lodge resort.

Mickey demonstrates how to use a life jacket on one of the boats ferrying guests between the Wilderness Lodge and the Magic Kingdom.

A survey marker in the pavement just before the entrance to the Disney Studios theme park.

Signage to Sir Mickey's, a store in Fantasyland decorated after "The Brave Little Tailor," the cartoon in which Mickey defeats the giant and wins the hand of Princess Minnie. The magic beanstalk "grows" throughout the shop and out through other windows and doors.

One of the things my kids enjoyed doing while they were in Disney World (though once caught up in the excitement, they'd generally forget all about it) was searching for hidden Mickeys. These generally were the famous three-circle logo, or cartoon Mickey in profile hidden among decorative elements in the parks, lodges and transportation. There were also hidden Donalds such as the stylized Donald Duck face on the chair by the moving suit of armor in the Haunted Mansion, or on one of the canoes in the Jungle Cruise.

Above are 4 of the hidden Mickeys we uncovered in The Wilderness Lodge and Villa.

If you look at the arrangement of the plates on the lower left side of the banquet table in the Haunted Mansion you can find another. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of them dispersed throughout Disney World. We spotted a couple dozen.

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