Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sinking Snowman

Over the last couple of winters we got plenty of snow but almost all of it was that crappy dry snow that you can't do anything fun with. Last year, I think, we only had one day with decent snowball and snowman making snow.

This picture is not from that day.

On this day, there was only enough wet snow for my kids to cobble together this snowman head before giving up in frustration. They abandoned him on the lawn with two spindly sticks for arms stuck in the snow on either side. This made the whole thing even better. The failed snowman was now "snowman sinking in quicksand (or quicksnow, I suppose)" which immediately made me think of all those great snowmen from "Calvin and Hobbes." I think the expression on this snowman's face is perfect for his situation.


Anonymous said...

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