Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Comic Book Stores Today

One of the wonders of writing for anthology comics like CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY, is that a long period of time can pass between when I write a story and when it sees publication. When I say long periods of time I'm talking about a range between several months and occasionally a few years. It all comes down to balancing the story types, featured characters and available page counts of an individual title. Sometimes, the amount of time that transpires between when I write a story and it sees publication is long enough that I've even forgotten the story in question.

Such is the case with issue #55 of CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY, available today, and which I've not yet seen. The solicitation copy reads:

Written by Robbie Busch, John Rozum, Sam Agro and Scott Cunningham; Art by Robert Pope, Cindy Morrow, Scott Roberts and Andy Suriano; Cover by Robert Pope
Bloo enters a joke contest, the Powerpuff Girls play in the Professor's lab, Dexter makes breakfast the hard way and Adam and Jake join the band!

Based on the order of listed writers and the order of listed stories it appears that I'm responsible for the writing part of the Powerpuff Girls story which looks to have been drawn by Cindy Morrow. However based on the very basic description, I have absolutely no idea what story this is, or how long it is.

This, by no means, should suggest that this story is subpar. It just means that my once steel trap like mind is now more like an aluminum sieve. When a story shows up that I've forgotten about, I'm usually pleasantly surprised to be reaquainted with it. So, if the Powerpuff Girls strikes your fancy (or the fancy of your kids) drop what you're doing and run out and get a copy of this comic book now, before it's too late.

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Max the drunken severed head said...

"It just means that my once steel trap like mind is now more like an aluminum sieve."

I needed to read a bad metaphor like that one like I need a hole in the head. ;)