Thursday, June 03, 2010


This is my 1000th post on this blog. I'm also trying to think of it as being the first post. I'm constantly trying to think of ways to improve it, from my long held dream to have my entire website overhauled and given a new professional look, and accurate up to date information, to simply finding the time to give the format of these posts a bit more structure than the seemingly random nature they've been.

This website and blog have always foremost been about my work; promoting what's new and what I'm working on as well as answering questions and sharing inside information of past projects. Related to my work I've offered a look at the various things that have inspired me throughout the years from children's books to monster movies and posted about things either related to my work and interests or things that I think people who like my work might likewise appreciate.

Me, me, me, me. All of this is for two reasons. One: In the current climate, you can't rely on large companies to promote projects you are doing for them, you've got to do that work yourself. Two: People actually ask me about this stuff. I get dozens of emails every month asking me about past or future projects. This website and blog was meant to make it unnecessary for me to feel compelled to answer all of those emails, but hasn't. I still try and answer as many as I can, but I am terrible about answering my email. Please don't take it personally.

So, in the spirit of moving forward rather than looking back, I'm going to try and improve the content of this blog as time moves forward, and to work in some types of posts that will be given a regular schedule. First, to deal with the email problem, I'm going to try and post a monthly "ask me anything' post to which I will also try and answer everything asked.

I had thought of beginning a 1000 things that have inspired my work, doing 1 thing at a time, but immediately realized I'd soon regret it. Instead, I'll try and schedule a regular post on what has inspired my work, and how.

In the meantime, check back later this week and next for a couple of announcements.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a visit, especially if you've left a comment, and even more so to the many of you who have become my friends over the years even though we've never met.


Stephen said...

They say the first 1000 is the hardest. Congratulations, John! See you at 2000!

Todd Franklin said...

Congrats on the big 1000!