Monday, July 05, 2010

Ask Me Anything

As part of my notion of giving this blog a bit more structure, one of the things I mentioned in my 1000th post was the idea of having a regular Q & A here. I've decided that the first Monday of every month will be  "Ask Me Anything Day." Of course you can ask me anything any time, but questions posed in the comments section of the "Ask Me Anything" post will fuel posts throughout the month. So, if there's anything you want to know about projects past and present, older posts here, things that have influenced me, or even if there are suggestions as to what you'd like to see on this blog, go ahead and ask. Essentially, you can ask me anything, and I'll try and answer it.

Likewise, if nobody asks me anything then I'll stop this feature and ask myself if there's any real reason to continue with this blog.


Michael Jones said...

What's the difference between a duck?

Robert Pope said...

That doesn't really seem like a complete question, now does it?

Martin Arlt said...

Any plans to return to G-Fest sometime?

Shawn Robare said...

What comic writing gig has been the most rewarding to you personally?

Michael Jones said...

One of its legs is both the same. (That duck one was a question that made us chuckle in High School.)

Seriously, what is your favourite yokai?

John Rozum said...

Michael -- I was going to answer "toothpaste" but you didn't give me a chance.

Robert -- No. I thought it was a trick question, hence my answer.

Martin -- Yes. Hopefully in the next year or so. I really wanted to attend this year as Akira Takarada has always been my favorite actor from the Godzilla series. I'm hoping he'll come back in the future. Maybe you'll get to take him to a Cubs game like you did with Kenji Sahara. If Kumi Mizuno attends I'll be there in a heartbeat.

Shawn -- Good question, with many possible answers. I will mull on this and dedicate a full post to this in the next week or so.

Michael -- Good question also. I'm not sure if I could settle on just one. look for my answer in a dedicated post soon.

Michael May said...

Who owns Xombi? Any chance of a comeback for that book?

How about Midnight, Mass? I miss Adam and Julia!

John Rozum said...

You never know. I'd love to do both again, and there is a bit of receptiveness in some quarters to this happening at some later date.

Considering the fate of the entire Milestone pantheon at DC Comics, I wouldn't hold my breath on an imminent XOMBI resurrection (so to speak), but since I did write that one recent story in "Brave and the Bold" after long giving up on ever writing another Xombi story, you never know.

Midnight, Mass. is not out of the question either. It's more a question of timing, and would most likely see a relaunch if I managed to create another series at Vertigo that did well.

Michael May said...

Well, I won't uncross my fingers then. They've been crossed for you for this long... :)