Monday, August 02, 2010

Ask Me Anything #2

It's time for the second edition of "Ask Me Anything." On the first Monday of every month I'll field any questions you may have about projects I've worked on, what I had for breakfast, you ask it and I'll answer it. Just post your questions in the comment area.

Here's what people asked me last month.


Michael May said...

Favorite song from 2010 so far?

Sean Cloran said...

Do you have any advise on developing characters?

If you had to distill a list of favorite movies down to 10 or less what would they be?

What is your favorite urban legend or ghost story?

Do you have a favorite film director?

What do you think about the late creator Arnold Drake?

If you could meet a fictional character who would it be?

Robert Pope said...

What is the one piece of visual entertainment (tv or movie) that best encapsulates and expresses your emotional attachment to Halloween?

Michael Jones said...

What is the best ORIGINAL Halloween costume worn by a young Trick-or-Treater at your door in recent years?

Ken H. said...

You use so many different kinds of monster, ghosts, creatures from folklore and myth, not to mention the odd urban legend and more.. I'm dying to know what some of your research materials are?

Thank you!

Sean Cloran said...

Edit: Do you have any advice on developing characters?
Sorry and Thanks

John Rozum said...

You guys are making it tough on me this time around.

Michael May -- Because I can't listen to any music that has lyrics while I'm writing (or reading) and because when I'm listening to the radio it's NPR, and have no tv reception, I am pretty much living in a new music void right now. Music used to be of significant importance to me, so it's a bit alarming to me to think of how out of touch with what's current I am now.

Sean -- There are a lot of film directors whose work I love, but if I had to distill it down to one person it would either be David Lynch or Wong Kar-wai. Starngely, other than "Twin Peaks" I don't a single movie of either of them on DVD, which is nearly the same situation with my very favorite movies which I will deal with in a future post.

As to which fictional character I'd want to meet, I've never really had an answer for that. As a boy I was pretty smitten with Jo March from "Little Women." I don't know, maybe Captain Nemo.

All of these other questions will require more detailed answers that I will address in individual posts, but probably not before the weekend. So, keep checking back.

Martin Arlt said...

What's your favorite kaiju film, and why?