Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Gift ideas

Available at a comic book store or book store near you or through (use the link below) is Cartoon Network 2-in-1: Ben10:Alien Force/The Secret Saturdays. This 144 page trade paperback collects a whole bunch of stories from the Cartoon Network Action Pack comic book series published by DC Comics, including almost all of The Secret Saturdays stories, most of which I wrote. If your kid likes  Ben10, The Secret Saturdays, comics featuring great art and storytelling, aliens, action, adventure or cryptozoology, then this very affordable book makes the perfect gift. Front and back covers shown above.

For your young superhero fan, Marvel's Super Hero Squad - Volume 2: Quest For the Infinity Sword is available on DVD from Shout Factory. This DVD contains 6 episodes from the popular animated television series including "Night in the Sanctorum" one of the episodes I wrote for the show. This DVD contains Marvel's most popular characters and plenty of guest stars. You can find it on sale at a retailer near you, or through Amazon using the link below.

For your older superhero fan, I suggest The Brave and the Bold: Milestone published by DC Comics, which collects the three issues of The Brave and the Bold that paired DC characters with characters from Milestone Media, which have now been incorporated into the DC Universe. The stories team Static with Black Lightning, Hardware with Blue Beetle and Xombi with the Spectre. This trade paperback also collects issues of the Milestone comics starring the three characters featured here. I wrote the stories featuring Xombi, who will be returning in his own new series, which I'm also writing, next Spring. Available at a comic book store or book store near you, or through Amazon using the link below.

For your fan of classic horror, I highly recommend Mad Scientist magazine. The newest issue (#22) features artwork and a lengthy article on Brides of Dracula by me. The rest of the contents are outstanding as well. All for $5.00 + $1.00 s&h. You can see the full contents and find order information for this issue as well as back issues of this excellent magazine at the Mad Scientist website. Tell them I sent you. 

If that's not enough, check back tomorrow. I'm putting up a whole bunch of my cut paper collage portraits of various animated cartoon characters, like Sylvester shown above,  for sale at shockingly affordable prices. Think of it as a cheap alternative to animation cells. 



Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Thanks for the update off to Dark Horse (Things from another world) I go. I just love christmas shopping there!!


Robert Pope said...

Howard Stern ain't "King of All Media," you are, baby!