Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Xombi

Here's the groovy, psychedelic alternate cover to Xombi #1 by Brendan McCarthy which also lets you know who one of the returning supporting cast members, other than Nun of the Above, will be from the original series. If you haven't read the original series, don't worry. Nothing will be lost on you going into the new series. But if you want a hint, you should read the link in the paragraph below.

Ken (LostPhrack) H. at Sequential Ink has been a big supporter of the new Xombi series for which I am grateful. He's just posted a look at Silent Cathedrals, the first story arc of the original Xombi series published by Milestone Media in 1994. It gives a nice overview for any of you old timers who did read the original series, and gives a nice summary of what you missed for you readers who may have missed it as well as an idea of what you can expect from the new series. I also added my two cents in the comments there about my approach to the original series, a method I'm continuing to use now.

Seth Robison has an article at Newsarama that looks at XOMBI and Other Comic Book "Weirdness Magnets". I'm recently reminded by Dan Mishkin that he had referred to Blue Devil as a weirdness magnet long before I thought I'd invented the term, so there's another series that should be on that list.


Unknown said...

Hey John, really excited about the return of Xombi!

Any chance the Kadmons will be making an appearance?

John Rozum said...

As much as I would love to have that happen, since Xombi is now set in the DCU, it's unlikely. Adam and Julia are mentioned by name in the original series, and in the unpublished Xombi Hanukkah Special David and Rabbi Sinnowitz were on their way to visit them when they were diverted. "Midnight, Mass." was originally going to be a Xombi spin-off book and I still think they would make great companion pieces.

Maybe if Xombi sells well I'll be able to talk DC into starting Midnight, Mass. up again as well.

Unknown said...

That would be great, it was a fantastic series that I actually enjoyed more than Xombi; it really showed your growth as a writer (I say that as someone who immensely enjoyed Xombi) and has set the bar high on my expectations for the reboot.

To be honest, I only caught the connection between the two titles while re-reading MM this week, noticing the reference to Dr Sugarman :)

Here's hoping the new title does well enough to allow us to finally see the Hanukkah Special as well. And big congrats on scoring Frazing Irving (although I do hope we see something from Denys Cowan too).


John Rozum said...

Thanks, Alex.

Xombi turned out to not be Denys' cup of tea, but I'd love for him to at least do a single issue story. I'd also love to get J.J. Birch to do something but he was practically a luddite and no one I know knows where he is or what happened to him.