Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Magic Kingdom Deserted

Last week I posted some photos of the in progress graveyard expansion at the Haunted Mansion  taken during my recent trip to Walt Disney World. As promised starting today I will begin a series of posts containing some of the many other photos I took during that trip as well as some of my observations.

The Magic Kingdom remains my favorite of the Disney parks. This trip I didn't take very many photos of the Magic Kingdom as I'd covered a lot of that territory on my visit back in 2008. I also spent a lot less time in the Magic Kingdom this trip, concentrating on the other three parks.

I did want to share some photos I took early one morning when the park was pretty much devoid of people except for a small wedding party and guests who had breakfast reservations in the park before it opened. Most of the photos I took that morning were of Main Street U.S.A., a location that is usually teeming with people no matter what time of day.

In the two photos above you can see the scrim covering the Exhibition Hall during renovations. Unlike the green scrims and painted walls which could be found throughout the park during this visit, this scrim was decorated to blend in with the surrounding decor, a wise choice since what visitor wants to be faced with a big green block as the first thing they see when entering the Magic Kingdom?

This is the construction wall and sign surrounding the bridge leading into Adventureland, my favorite of the lands in the Magic Kingdom.

More Walt Disney World photos tomorrow.



Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Those are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to more of them.


Shawn Robare said...

Though I'm not the biggest fan of being at the parks for the rope-drop (we've never secured breakfast reservations to get in earlier), I do like the deserted, wet feel to the Magic Kingdom. I know the park's been hosed down to clean it up, but it feels like it's just rained and the day is getting back on track or something. Having grown up in Florida, there's something very cool about that feeling right after it's rained and the sun is back out that is just so darn uplifting. Hope you guys had a great time when you were down...