Friday, August 26, 2011

STATIC SHOCK - Sneak Peak at the Villains: part 1

As we approach the September 7th release of Static Shock, the new DC comic book series I'm working on along with Scott McDaniel, Jonathan Glapion and LeBeau Underwood as well as editor, Harvey Richards, I thought I'd tease you with an advanced look at some of the villains.

STATIC SHOCK #1 will be out as part of the first wave of new #1s coming from DC Comics in September. The series follows the adventures of sixteen year old, Virgil Hawkins, a brilliant young man with electromagentic powers who could prove to be one of the most powerful characters in the DCnU.

Relocation to New York City from Dakota, where he resided in the 1990s series from Milestone Media that first introduced him, Static will find himself facing all of the challenges that a normal teenager would have in relocating to a new city and a new school, along with some of the difficulties that he must face as a superhero in a new city, such as how the public treats him, how the city officials see him. Most of all, he has new villains to face.

One of the first to oppose him is Joey "Piranha" Scroccone, a low level mobster with an insatiable appetite to rise up the ranks of power in New York's criminal underworld. He discovers a means to rise to the top really quickly and the only obstacle he finds in his path is Static.

Drop by next week for a sneak peak of some of the other new Static Shock villains, as well as some other surprises.

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