Thursday, September 15, 2011

Static No More --- For Me Anyway

I am announcing that I have resigned from the DC Comics series, Static Shock. I'm not giving any details at this time, but before speculation begins I'd like to say a few things which I hope will curtail a lot of unwarranted hostility and placing of blame where it shouldn't be placed.

My decision to leave was of my own choice. I was not fired.

My decision to leave had nothing to do with the character of Static. I think Static is a great character with loads of potential, which I hope will get exploited. Given a lot of people's suspicious feelings regarding the relationship between DC Comics and Milestone Media, I will also warn not to read into this that my decision was based on any decisions regarding the handling of the character by DC Comics. This is not true. I maintain a belief that the folks at DC also share a belief that Static has a lot of potential as part of the DCnU and that they would like the character to remain true to his origins, and established nature.

My decision had nothing to do with DC Comics. I've been very happy overall with my time at DC over the roughly 15 years that I've worked for them and I plan to continue working with them into the future. The feeling is mutual. I'm developing new material for them even as I write this. DC Comics is in no way responsible for my decision to leave Static Shock, and have been very supportive of this decision.

For now, this is all I'm going to say on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Aww.. no more Xombi and now no more you on Static Shock. What a shame.

If it's not a problem, do you know what issue will be you last?

Sector 2814 said...

i really hope to see some more xombi in the future. those few books you were able to put out were amazing.

Jamie Rosen said...

I'm happy to see you're working on new material for them! That assuages many of my fears.

akachris said...

May I suggest form Static writer and editor, and current NYC resident Jackie Ching as a replacement co-writer.

Michael M. Jones said...

Color me disappointed, John. Big fan of your work, and I was really quite excited by what I saw of the first issue of Static Shock. Mind you, I was also sad when I learned Zombi wouldn't make it past issue 6.

Here's hoping I see you in the solits again very soon.

the4thpip said...

The combination of Virgil Hawkins and you made Static Shock the book I looked most forward to from the new 52 by far. I am crushed by this. I think the wrong creator left the book.

Shane Giroux said...

"no more Xombi and now no more you on Static Shock."

Maybe more Xombi is coming up... :)

Michael May said...

Very disappointing, but I'll keep keep with the series (so long as it stays as good as that first issue) and of COURSE look forward to whatever you've got next.

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