Wednesday, June 06, 2012

For Those Of You With An iPad

There is a new magazine on storytelling called Backstory which looks really cool. It's also available for free. Unfortunately, at this time it is only available for the iPad (which I do not own). 

The premiere issue is now available and includes an article on "The Road to Shermer," the John Hughes tribute show that Gallery 1988 held last year and in which I participated. Part of the article is directed towards one of the pieces I did for that show. 

Details for downloading the first issue can be found just after this pretty awesome image of their first cover as well as more of the contents for issue #1. 

Let me know what you think of the magazine, because this is definitely something I'd be interested in. 

                     The Art and The Business of Storytelling
Read a script, watch a short, view an art exhibit or hear a
comedian - you can do all this plus enjoy in-depth entertainmentjournalism and more in my new digital magazine Backstory.

                 Download issue 01 for FREE on the iPad now!

A Few Issue 01 Highlights:

On the Cover: Prometheus
  • Find out how an off-the-cuff pitch led to the making of the film.
Off the Shelf: Bessie
  • Writer-director Richard Kelly discusses his unproduced, labor of love script, Bessie. Plus, read the script in its entirety.

Staged: A New Vintage of "Sideways"
  • Writer Rex Pickett chats about adapting his novel into a stage play. Plus, read the play in its entirety.

Black List Tales: Strange Skies
  • Scribe Pat Healy discusses adapting Matt Marinovich's novel, "Strange Skies," which landed his script on the fabled Black List. Plus, read the entire script.

Inside the 2011 Nicholl Fellowship
  • Full coverage of the fellowship, including the screenplay of one of the contest winners

Cinema Obscura: Mr. Nobody
  • Jaco Van Dormeal discusses his 40 million euro sci-fi film, which you probably haven't seen. Plus, read the script.
In-depth interviews
  • Featuring director Barry Sonnenfeld, actor Jeffrey Combs and producer Craig Perry
  • Writer-director Edgar Wright shows you his latest short film series, which the audience helps to create.

All this and more can be found in issue 01 of Backstory, free on the iPad for a limited time.

How to Get & Read Issue 01:

1. Type "Backstory" into the iPad's App Store.

2. Touch to download the free Backstory App.

3. Once it downloads, launch your iPad's Newsstand. Backstory will appear in the top left. Touch to launch it.

4. You're now inside the library and can see Issue 01. Touch to download it for free (use a wifi connection; it's big).

5. Swipe right to left to turn a page; swipe up and down to read an article.

6. Write in to and let us know what you think!


No iPad?

We're working hard to ensure Backstory will be available in other formats in the future. Stay tuned for updates.
Viewing this email on an iPad? Touch here to get your free issue:

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