Sunday, December 09, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

Hanukkah is already upon us and Christmas isn't too far off. If you need some last minute gift suggestions, look no further. Best of all, these support the artists directly an not an anonymous big box store.


On the shameless self promotional front, I have numerous books and dvds sure to please the comic book fans on your list, whether they are adults or kids. You can see what's available here, or check with your local comic book store or online bookseller.


For the animation fan on your list I have a large number of cut paper collage portraits of popular classic characters from the Flintstones to Bugs Bunny as well as bargain priced cut paper collage portraits of characters from the popular Cartoon Network tv series, Adventure Time. All of these can be found in my art store

For the lover of classic horror, the astounding artist, Belle Dee has a bunch of inexpensive prints featuring a number of characters from a variety of horror films of the past. You can order them here. She also offers some beautiful Halloween prints which can be found here and a pair of Christmas cards which can be purchased from ZaPow!

Tom Taggart has some amazing 3-D sculpted one of a kind clocks (such as the one seen above) and a whole line of great ornaments (sure to add a touch of eye pleasing oddness to your tree) and batches of paintings for sale in his etsy store

Horror scribe Steve Niles has a ton of books and comics for sale in his store and some nice incentives for purchasing from him directly, the best being that proceeds go directly to the creator, as do all of the purchases in this post. 

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