Monday, January 14, 2013

Help Save Metro Comics

For over two decades, Metro Entertainment has been the center of pop culture in the beautiful oceanside town of Santa Barbara, CA. Promoting comic books with its strong media presence, holding countless creator signings, and giving away thousands of free comics, it's done everything it can to keep the medium alive by bringing in new readers.

But now, due to owner Bob Ficarra's medical problems and the ensuing bills not covered by insurance, Metro is in danger of closing.

To help prevent this from happening, Simpsons artist/writer BILL MORRISON has organized this and many more original art auctions to come in an effort to save the store. Comic book greats such as Neal Adams, Dave Gibbons, Bruce Timm, Geof Darrow, Paul Smith and more have already contributed art to the cause. 

There is still a lot of great artwork available with more to come. Visit the ebay listings here. I've contributed two pieces of art with will be put up for auction at a later date. 

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