Monday, June 13, 2022

From the Archives 17

I haven't done one of these in nine years, so I figured it may be time for another run. Having recently moved, hads given me reason to tuck into some boxes that have been stored away and inaccessible. I came across this house ad for the original run of Xombi from Milestone Media that ran in the other titles back in 1994.


immaterial said...

Are you going to be part of the Milestone reboot that's going on? I'd love to see a revival of Xombi -- or even just his supporting cast. I'd read a Nun Of The Above and Catholic Girl / Rabbi Sinnowitz series!

John Rozum said...

Before it launched, I was assured I was going to be. I was pretty surprised then to learn that the new Milestone has jettisoned Xombi from it's continuity in favor of Duo, which is essentially a Xombi reboot, barely using the concepts and instead merging two people into one body. If that's what they want to do that's up to them.