Wednesday, October 01, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1

Welcome to my third annual month-long Halloween countdown. For each day of October I will post a variety of tricks and treats for your enjoyment. If you are a returning visitor, then welcome back. If you're new to these parts and would like to see what you are in for, you can take a look at last year's countdown here and the countdown for 2006 here.

This year's format will be somewhat similar with my daily movie viewing for the season as well as a daily riddle with the answer provided on the following day. I'm also hoping to find time to put together another DIY project and another contest. Some new features this year:

Beginning tomorrow, look for a number of posts about incredible yard haunters, people who go to extra lengths to make their lawns and homes a seasonal beacon in neighborhoods across the country.

Beginning with the above image by Tennessee illustrator, and fellow Classic Horror Film Board member, Jeff Preston. I'm also planning to bring attention to a number of artists whose love of the season and love of monsters inspires their work. You can found out more about Jeff's work in the post that follows.

Unlike real world trick or treaters, repeat visitors are welcome her, and encouraged. Costume is required, and please feel free to drop tricks, or treats into the comments section.


Todd Franklin said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck this month!

belle dee said...

And so it begins.
Wah-ha ha ha!

Tom Taggart said...

This now makes it OFFICAILLY the Halloween Season !!!! Woo-Hoo !!!

Dane said...

Hurrah! Hope your month is fun and you get lots of trick or treaters!