Friday, June 18, 2010

Complete Works Archive Underway

It was recently pointed out to me (as it is periodically) that the section of my website which lists my writing work is woefully out of date. To be honest, it was woefully out of date before my website went up. that is something that has nagged at me since the beginning.

I've long wanted to have my entire website overhauled, and still plan to. The amount of work I need to do to prepare it for a web designer to turn it into something that dazzles the eye and engages the mind has been a slow, stop and go process, that will probably take me another year or two to complete.

Not wanting to wait that long to upgrade certain sections, I've opted for a temporary solution. Today I have begun the long tedious process of scanning the covers to every comic book I've ever written, adding complete credits to the stories that I wrote in them and have begun posting these on a flickr account.

As of today, there are about fifty comic books posted there. I'm hoping to double that by the end of the weekend. There is not much rhyme, reason, or order to what's been posted so far. Right now I'm simply trying to get the covers and interior credits posted so that they are available to anyone who wants to look at them. Once I have the bulk of my work on there I'll begin to organize it.

In the meantime, stop over there and take a look around. There's recent work, golden oldies and some stuff in between. Here's the link, which I will also add to the links bar to the right by Monday.

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