Thursday, June 24, 2010

From the Archives 2

The above comic book is not the first issue of DEXTER'S LABORATORY published by DC Comics. It's actually a premium that was given out by Burger King in 2002. I suspect this would make it the most widely read Dexter's Laboratory comic of all time.

Inside it contains two Dexter stories reprinted from the regular monthly DEXTER's LABORATORY comic book. One is "Spoonj" by Bobbi JG Weiss, Chris Savino, Jeff Albrecht, Ryan Cline, Lee and Loughridge. The other is "Bubble Boy" written by me with pencils by Mike Manley, inks by Jeff Albrecht, letters by Ken Bruzenak, and colors by Zylonol Studio. "Bubble Boy" was one of my more popular Dexter stories and this was the third of three times it was printed. The story debuted in DEXTER'S LABORATORY #7 (March 2000), and was  reprinted in THE POWERPUFF GIRLS DOUBLE WHAMMY #1 (December 2000).

The stories in the Burger King premium were flanked by a coloring page and a word search puzzle. There are no ads except for an ad on the back cover for Burger King's Big Kids meal.


Robert Pope said...

Ha! I have a copy of that issue and pulled it out for reference every time Dexter needed to be featured on a "Cartoon Network Block Party" cover!

John Rozum said...

I'm guessing you didn't get yours at Burger King though, did you?

Robert Pope said...

I THINK Joan sent it to me for reference...I like the fries at McDonald's better (providing they're hot)

John Rozum said...

I'm with you on the french fries. If you combined McDonald's fries with Burger King's burgers I'd be all set.