Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend Destinations

Now that summer is upon us, less web surfing is happening as more people head outdoors. Imagine my surprise over Memorial day weekend when the number of visitors shot up by hundreds of people when I expected them to drop down to the low double digits.

My thanks to the folks over at the awesome futuristic site io9 for plugging my tribute to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK which I featured here throughout May. I'd also like to thank my pal George Taylor over at Imaginerding for also plugging the TESB tribute on his great Disney related blog.

Visit both of these sites and enjoy what they have to offer.

I'm also going to recommend some other sites that I've not mentioned here before.

I'm a big fan of retro-futurism; all of the designs, predictions, and expectations for what the future was meant to include, but somehow never did. Paleo Future celebrates in depth all of the futures that fell by the wayside.

Boom Pop! goes in somewhat the other direction by taking a nostalgic look at pop culture of yesteryear and is the creation of Jeff Pepper who is also responsible for 2719 Hyperion one of the best Disney sites out there.

I'm a big fan of Doc Savage, and so is Keith Wilson who has created some new fantasy Doc Savage books and their covers at his site here.

I'm a sucker for Batman merchandise and Bat-Blog has tons on display.

Halloween is never off my mind and one of the places that I visit to put me in the mood throughout the year is Haunt Style.

Finally, an artist who continues to amaze me is Rob Kelly and once you visit his blog you'll be amazed as well.

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