Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Blog for Kids Who Like Comics

Because so much of my work is for an all ages audience (ie; it's aimed at kids) I decided a few months back to begin a blog aimed especially at kids. 

Using my own work primarily, because that is the material I'm most familiar with, I'm going to use that blog to instruct them on how comics are made. This will cover the general process as well as more specific aspects. I'll talk about different ways to use the visual language of comics to tell stories, what has inspired some of the stories I've written, how I choose the way I tell a story and so on. 

I'm also planning to have people who contribute the other aspects of what goes into making a comic book talk about their part in things, editors, pencillers, inkers, letterers, colorists, cover artists, and maybe even printers. 

At some point I may even expand to include the other work I do, whether it's writing for television animation, or creating illustrations using cut paper collage. 

For right now, the focus is on comic books. For several years now I've discussed comic books, and writing for comics in a number of public schools and covering grades from 1 - 7. The interest in the subject has always been high and the questions generally excellent. Much of the subject matter for this blog is in fact taken by questions kids have asked me during these presentations. The blog is also meant to be interactive with the idea that kids can ask any questions they want and I will try and answer them. I may even create some fun assignments to try on their own. 

The blog has been up, quietly now, for a few months as I tried to add a bit of content to it for people to browse back through. A few people have discovered it already, but beginning today, I think it's ready for it's big launch, and will be adding new material all next week. 

If you have kids, or know someone who does, please bring this new blog to their attention. A link can be found to the right under "links," or simply by clicking here.

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