Wednesday, June 08, 2011

DC Comics Announces My New Project For Them

DC Comics has been getting a lot of coverage as they've unveiled news of their forthcoming reboot of their universe of super heroes which will begin in September. All week, they've been unveiling which titles and creative teams will be involved in the reboot.

Today came more announcements including which project I'll be working on. To find out more visit the official announcement at i09.


Andrew Wickliffe said...

Does that mean no more Xombi :(

Ken H. said...

Those are some awfully interesting billboards in the background.

John Rozum said...

Andrew, I still can't comment one way or another. Check back periodically, but in the meantime, please take a few minutes to write a letter to the powers that be at DC about what you think about Xombi and send it to them via snail mail. It has an impact. It's what led to the current run of Xombi in the first place.

Ken - Aren't they? I wonder what they could mean.

R. George R. said...

I hope Virgil will have a few supernatural adventures!

Anonymous said...

Would this be the correct address to write to: 1700 Broadway, 7th Fl., New York, NY 10019-5905 regarding Xombi?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Static gig, though I still hope to see a Xombi book around in some form or another. I will do as you suggest and write a snail-mail support letter.

I do have a few Static questions if you can answer them. First, is the NYC relocation a retroactive reboot? Meaning, in Static's new continuity, have the stories been rebooted so that they've always taken place in New York? Or will the continuity still have him haling from Dakota but subsequently moving to the Big Apple? I am hoping for the former; Static has always had a great supporting cast, and I'd be bummed to no longer have Frieda, Rick, etc. Just transplant everyone to NYC and say they've been there all along :)

Second: Is there some kind of legal reason why DC can call the character Static but has to title all of the comics Static Shock?

Third: Do you have any idea how happy it makes old-school Milestone fans to have an original Milestone writer handling the (arguably) quintessential Milestone character?

John Rozum said...

R. George R. - I don't have any planned thus far. There will be some weird stuff, but we're trying to really work with Virgil's intelligence and scientific knowledge so there will be a more science fiction based aspect to much of what happens here.

Anonymous - That address is correct. I don't know if you need 7th floor. As long as you include DC comics, it will get there. Specifically naming Dan Didio, or whomever, will insure it gets to who you want it to.

As far as the comic itself goes, I can't say too much yet, but we decided to acknowledge what happened before as material in continuity, since we felt those were some really great comics and there was no reason to start completely over.

As you say, the tough thing in moving Static to NYC was losing the supporting cast as well as the easy availability of the other Milestone characters who inhabit Dakota. They aren't forgotten though. At least one other Milestone character will appear in issue #1. Frieda and the others have not been forgotten.

I'm not sure why they're calling it Static Shock! unless they feel it's a better recognized title because of the animated series. Until the announcement was made on Wednesday, i was under the impression it was being called Static.

Other old Milestone fans have been emailing me to let me know. It's important to me that these characters continue on, and hope that we won't let anyone down with our representation.

scholar2211 said...

What do you think of Static's new costume?

Nick Priddy said...

I'm very excited, thank you for signing on and pushing this forward John. Very pleased to see you writing this. Can't say how glad i am to see these Milestone characters coming back.