Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Icon and Rocket

The above is the piece that I created for the Static Shock Special which came out a couple of weeks ago. The issue was a tribute to my close friend Dwayne McDuffie who passed away in February and was also one of the four founders of Milestone Media, the comic book company that published Static, Icon, Hardware, The Shadow Cabinet, as well as other titles including Xombi and Kobalt which I wrote. Dwayne also had a hand in created most of the characters in the Milestone stable including Static, and Icon and Rocket who are featured in the piece above. This piece is essentially a modified recreation of the cover to The Marvel Family #28, October 1948 as seen below.

I finally decided on this cover both because Dwayne was a fan of comics from their golden and silver age, and because I thought it represented Dwayne's position in the comic book industry of constantly being attacked and challenged yet never yielding and instead striving to overcome these challenges and to produce the best work possible.

The piece itself was created as a collage in three dimensions using cut paper.

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