Monday, June 20, 2011


It's been a bit since I've posted anything regarding Xombi. To make up for it here's a page of art from issue #4 which goes on sale June 29, 2011. Everyone gets to take a bit of a breather in this issue which includes the best twenty pages ever rendered of people having breakfast courtesy of Frazer Irving.

If that's not enough to convince you to pick up a copy, read this.


dicecipher said...

So any hope of more Xombi after the "re-boot"?

John Rozum said...

I don't know any more than you do at this point. I maintain that the best way to make it happen is to continue buying the current series and to send the powers that be at DC Comics a letter via snail mail letting them know how you feel about the current run and that you'd like to see more. This is what led to the current series being published.

I know that both Frazer Irving and I would love to keep going with what we started.

Anonymous said...

First of all Mr. Rozum, I want to thank congratulate you and Frazer Irving for crafting one of the most unique, intriguing, flat out weird, and enjoyable comics it's been my pleasure to read in my 23 short years. I've been in love with this book since issue one and will definitely be one of those people flooding DC's letter columns with praise for the book as well as requesting for them to continue the series and to create an omnibus/trades of your original run. I think your book would fit perfectly into the DCU Dark family of titles. The first thing I'm doing when I drag myself out of bed sometime this afternoon will be to reread #4 and then review it on comic vine. It's getting a five by the way despite how it absolutely pains me to gives those out. Your title's managed to pull two prior perfect scores. Anyways, keep up the excellent work. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you do with Static Shock!