Monday, May 21, 2007

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Special - part 21

"Only watch your step. This place can be a little rough." Moments after Ben Kenobi said this, we were taken out of the bright light of Tatooine day into the murky depths of what is one of the greatest scenes in movie history, and the scene that had the most impact on me when I saw this movie.

As someone who spent their entire childhood (and haven't stopped since) obsessed with monsters and monster movies, to have so many, and such a variety, all in one place was a tremendous gift.

Now to pass that gift along, I present to you images of as many of the Mos Eisley cantina denizens as I could pull together. there were so many, that you'll have to check back tomorrow for the rest, and the day after for a special behind the scenes look at this scene.

From top to bottom (left to right in each image), here are...

A Defel, Hem Dazon and Bom Vimdim.

Two shots of the Cantina crowd before inserts were filmed.

Brea and Senni Tonnika converse with an unknown patron while Wuher, the bartender listens in.

The cantina band.

Rycar Ryjerd.


The Hare Mouse.

The mask for Feltipern Trevagg.

The Brainee mask.

Yerka Mig.

The Defel mask.

The Stennes Shifter, Feltipern Trevagg (back of head), Momaw Nadon.

Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba bothering Luke Skywalker.

The mask for M'iiyoom H'nemthe.


Kitik Keed'kak.

The two Duros, Baniss Keeg and Ellors Madak.



Cantina waitress, Leesub Sirin.


The Defel, Brainee, unknown, Hem Dazon, and Bom Vimdim.

Danz Borin.

Nabrun Leids.

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Robert Pope said...

Well, at least the latest version of WARS out on DVD you get to see Solo shoot first (I still treasure my CAV laserdisc set of the trilogy, even if you do have to switch about a zillion times to get through the movie...