Monday, September 06, 2010

Ask Me Anything #3

It's time for the third edition of "Ask Me Anything" the post where you can indeed ask me anything in the comments section. Questions can be about anything and I will strive to answer them either in the comments section or in more elaborate posts throughout the month. Please take the time to view previous questions so that we don't wind up with a lot of repetition. You can see the previous questions here and here. Ask Me Anything is a regular feature here which is posted on the first Monday of every month. We will be skipping October for the 5th Annual Halloween Countdown, but will reprise on November first.

Now ask away.


Sean Cloran said...

Is there any film, you've enjoyed, but it seems like no one else you know has seen it?

What do you think of Jorge Luis Borges?

If you met your doppelganger, what would you do?

What are your preferred supplies for collage? Specific adhesives, x-acto knifes, titanium scissors…

What would be a good title for a crime solving buddy show featuring Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb?

If you don't already have a tattoo, what would you get one of?

Would you ever consider doing a creator-owned series with your former Xombi artist J.J. Birch? Maybe something at Dark Horse or Image.

Which do you prefer? Devil's Food Cake or Angel Food Cake; Quadruped Snoopy or Biped Snoopy; Canary or Goldenrod.

Is there a film you saw or saw part of but do not know the name of but it still lingers in your memory?

Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?


John Rozum said...

Sean, you are merciless. Only one really merits a more detailed answer than I can give here. In order:

1. I'm sure there are, but nothing occurs to me now. "The Plague Dogs" is usually one I'd name, but a lot of people chimed in about that one specifically when I mentioned it a couple months back.

2. I love Borges. I connect with his work because many of his stories come from a similar mindset to the ones I like to tell most.

3. Several people I know of have met my doppelganger, and even in direct proximity have spoken to him assuming it was me. They found it jarring when they discovered their mistake. I hope I find it less jarring than my doppelganger should the time come. Beyond that, I'll play it by ear.

4. Collage supplies will be discussed in an individual post. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

5. I only supply that kind of answer for money.

6. I have no tattoo, because I've never felt that compelled to have something permanently inscribed on me, though I've said a short story, or a map of the globe on the back of my head with Hawaii like a mole on my cheek, or washing instructions, or another map this time only half a map to a nonexistent treasure. Maybe my complete inner structure.

7. J.J. Birch and I actually completed the first installment of what was going to be a serialized science fiction story for a proposed black and white comic magazine that was similar in nature to the Warren magazines, only slicker. Funding for the magazine never materialized, and I've been sitting on it ever since. I'd do something with it if I knew how to contact him. We fell out of touch about a decade ago. He's never had a computer, so no email address, or anything, and nobody I know knows where he is now.

8. I don't really eat cake, or any baked desserts for that matter (except pie), but I'd go with Devil's Food Cake since I prefer chocolate.

I really love the character designs of the first year of Peanuts before Charles Schulz refined them into teh forms we are all familiar with. His changes were right for the material, but those basic characters had a real charm to them that still surprises me and enchants me anew each time I see them, so I'm going to say quadruped Snoopy. He was also more dog-like.

9. Not really. I had two, but eventually figured out that they were "Gone With The Wind" (a movie I can't stand, which is why it took so long to figure out) and one of the two versions of "The Big Trees" with Kirk Douglas. The only mystery I have now is that I remember there being a reprise of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" after Dorothy melted the wicked witch of the west with all the guards marching around and singing, but no one else remembers it this way, and it sure isn't mentioned in any books on the movie. I was shocked watching it one year to see that scene wasn't there.

10. To solve this mystery, you must first figure out where the other two "bop"s came from and why no one is concerned about them. It's classic misdirecton.

Sean Cloran said...

Thanks for the answers, obviously, the majority of them were in jest.

John Rozum said...

Yes, I picked that up and gave answers to match.