Sunday, November 28, 2010

Old Image Files Rescanned and Reposted + Cartoon Collages for Sale

About a year ago I discovered that the images from a whole bunch of posts were gone because I'd stopped using the account that stored them leading to the tedious process of rescanning and reposting those images. Most of these were of cut paper collage portraits I did of various animated cartoon characters which were under the heading of "Fun with Scissors."

Tonight I came across a bunch of these collage portraits which needed rescanning and reposting. They are listed below.

I've also decided that I need to clean house to make room for a large number of new collages that I'll be creating for three group art shows I'll be participating in in 2011. So, I'm putting most of the cartoon character portraits that I have left on sale. Most will be for between $30 --$50, with a few for even less, and a few for a bit more. Shipping will be a uniform $6.00 (in the U.S. only. Over seas will vary by location, but it won't be inflated beyond actual price) no matter how many you buy. The shipping price might seem high, but I find that if I use expedited shipping there tends to be less time for chances of damage to occur.

I'll be putting a price list up in a few days, but if there's anything you're interested in and want to make a claim, or inquiry as to availability and price, please let me know. Most of these collages are on 81/2 x11 inch backgrounds, which in most cases can be matted as 8 x 10. If you check "Fun With Scissors" entries from 2006 in my archives you can see the entire series.


Ant and Aardvark


Captain Caveman

Inch High, Private Eye

The Phantom Shadow


Dino Boy and Bronty

Cindy Bear

Tornado Man

Yankee Doodle Pigeon

Bugs Bunny

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