Thursday, August 25, 2022

Don't Forget to Vote

As mentioned in the previous post, issue #3 of The Abyss is now avaialble at Interpop Comics. By purchasing a copy (for a mere $1.73), you also get to participate in voting which will determine the outcome of upcoming issues, and in one of the topics this month, decide which character will be featured in an 8-page solo adventure in a future issue of Emergents Presnts. I'm particlarly excited for the outcome of that vote as I've been doing a lot of universe building in The Abyss, part of which is creating a stable of interesting supporting characters and a roster of villains. I'm interested in exploring more of these characters outside of the confines of The Abyss, which, implied by the title, is really a solo book, and not so much of an ensemble book (though the current storyline is certainly a team storyline). You can vote here.

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