Monday, August 29, 2022

Voting Results

At Interpop Comics, the purchase of The Abyss #3 allowed readers to participate in two topics to vote on which determine the direction of future issues of the series. One topic, "Are Humans Altruistic?" is running until midnight, August 31. You can vote here. The other question was which of four characters from The Abyss (shown above) should get their own solo story in an upcoming issue of Emergents Presents. Here's how the voting went.
Near Miss is a thief who was featured in The Abyss #2 (still available here for FREE) who cannot be touched. No matter how carefully you aim, you cannot hit hit her. You'll come really close, but you won't make any contact with her. We only scratched the surface of her character in The Abyss, but now that she'll be getting her own 8-page story in Emergents Presents we'll get to see what really makes her tick. As for the other characters, they all have important roles to play in the current storyline, which will run through issue #6, and make periodic apearances in issues of The Abyss further down the road. You can see where things stand right now in The Abyss #3 which is available here.

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