Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My 75th Scooby-Doo Story. Zoinks!

Today SCOOBY-DOO #105 hits comic book stores. It includes three tales that I wrote, including my 75th Scooby-Doo story to see publication.

With the possible exception of fellow Scooby scribe, Robert Pope, I don't think anyone else has written more mysteries for the Scooby-Doo gang. Just as mysterious is how I managed to come up with so many variations on the tried and true formula without repeating myself, or others, along the way.

Now to see if I can make it to #100.


Steve said...

Congratulations! Though, if I may say so, I'd be happier to read about 75 issues of Xombi or Midnight, Mass.

Rozum said...

You and me both, Steve. Keep checking back. The website is going to get a big overhaul soon, including a lot of previously unseen archival material for both "Xombi" and "Midnight, Mass."

Thanks for stopping in, it's always nice to see a man of your discerning tastes dropping by, and thanks for all the kind words in the past.

Steve said...

Your site is safely bookmarked. I'd love to see that archival material.

You're more than welcome for my modest appreciations of your work. The praise is well-earned, and I'm still recommending your books to friends.