Sunday, October 11, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 11 - Movie 1

Dr. Blakely (David Gale) uses his Psychiatric Research Institute and a cable self-help show to help a giant brain take over the minds of viewers with the goal of taking over the entire planet. Only a smart high school trouble maker seems to be immune to the Brain's hypnotic control, and he and his girlfriend set out to kill the brain and free the populace.

The Brain (1988) is one of those weird films which is not very good for many reasons, yet remains compellingly watchable. It's goofy, with long boring stretches interrupted by repetitive action, such as characters chasing each other down and up the same staircase three times in a row. It tries to be satirical in it's notion of controlling the masses through television, but isn'y clever enough, or subtle enough to make that satire rise beyond the obvious. It's not the right kind of so bad it's entertainingly bad either. It's just one of a number of rubber monster movies from the 1980s that's serviceable, without being more than that, but features a pretty great looking monster.

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