Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 13 - Movie 1

A family (Oliver Reed, Karen Black, Lee Montgomery, and Bette Davis) move into a run down mansion for the summer. As the summer progresses, not only does the house start to look restored beyond what a bit of elbow grease and furniture can accomplish, but the family members begin to act peculiar, until Oliver Reed begins to sense that the cause is the house and that they should leave right away. The house, however, has other plans.

Burnt Offerings (1976) is a standout malevolent objects movie. It's a slow burn film that never gets tiresome as it gradually ratchets up the tension and mystery happening to the characters on screen. More concerned with the psychological toll on the family than jolts, the film only really features one special effects moment, letting the atmosphere and performances do the rest.

FYI, the house is the same one that served as the mortuary in Phantasm (1979).

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