Saturday, October 03, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3 - Movie 2

Spread across the length of Manhattan and between the rich and the poor, a series of grisly murders begin to look connected by the presence of wolf hairs on the corpses of the victims. More of a thriller than an outright horror movie, Wolfen (1981) is intelligently played out, well directed, and well cast.

Like jaws, the titular creatures here, don't have a physical presence until the final minutes of the film, but haunt the film through the use of effects enhanced point of view and strong sound effects and music by James Horner representing them as they make their way through their urban hunting grounds.

There's a lot going on in this movie from political intrigue, fringe terrorist groups, Native American activism, environmentalism, the encroachment of man onto the wild, and even the use of high tech lie detection tests which mirror the vision of the wolfen.

I loved this movie when it first came out, and still find it to be a really strong, underrated movie.

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