Monday, October 19, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 19 - Movie 2

On her deathbed, a genetic scientist asks her son, John, to burn all of her research and to not get sucked into picking up where she left off. She also mentions "Anthony" the brother John never new he had. Instead of immediately destroying everything as asked, John recruits a bunch of his scientist friends to go through his mothers journals in order to find out anything about Anthony. When they finally do, it's to discover that Anthony was the culmination of his mother's research, and that a far less ethical scientist is also after Anthony for his own ends.

The Kindred (1987)is a prime example of 1980s gooey rubber monster movies. Even though the design for the creatures is a bit less than convincing, and some of the characters were indistinguishable, this movie was actually pretty damned entertaining. Things moved along pretty quickly, and even when there was no monster action happening on screen, the human interactions were interesting enough that they didn't seem like filler between the effects scenes. There is also a nicely done sequence where one of the characters sprouts gills right before our eyes.

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